June 13, 2022

We chose the Lantern Tour, which is only available on Saturday evenings. The tour is conducted by a docent in period 1870s costume, and each participant gets their own LED keepsake lantern. Our docent was pretty adorable, but she was also extremely knowledgeable about the history of the cave. Although I have not taken the regular tour as a comparison, the lantern tour focused on how the first persons to explore the cave had to be very adept at climbing and quite brave to explore such a dark cavern. She showed us how the caverns would look in candle light and torch light, and we even experienced a few moments of utter blackness, something explorers using these two types of illumination would often risk. The cave itself is beautiful, with long draping stalactites and stalacmites that looked like glistening mushrooms. The cave was both eerie and beautiful and well worth the visit.

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