July 20, 2022

We ventured by boat on this all day excursion. We ran from MM25 down to Bridal Cave, stopping for gas once along the way. We parked our boat at their dock and walked up the steep steps to the gift shop. The gift shop had lots of cool rocks and gems for sell. A huge hit was the box of $10 geodes, which included breaking it open. I was super-impressed with mine!

There were 10 in our party (children 4 and under were free), so we signed up. Our tour guide was actually a sweet high school young lady who gave an outstanding tour. The cave itself was spectacular and the concrete trails were were but not slippery at all. There were some tight squeezes and low roofs you have to negotiate but that added to the mystique. It is basically an in and out tour of at least .25 miles but closer to .5 miles in length and takes about an hour to complete. We did purchase the group photo which was high quality and worth the bucks.

We’ve been in several caves in the past but this one felt raw and unexplored and even a bit dangerous which all added to a great experience. I did bang my head on the low tunnel, but I am just hardheaded enough that it didn’t knock me out. I do have a goose egg, however.

As caves go, I rate this one in one of the best and although it is not huge it has a lot to offer.

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